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? Official Batting Order for Official Batting Order for (Team Name) Jersey # Batting Order (Team Name) Jersey # Last Name, First Name Batting Order 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 11 11
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Welcome to Excel magic number 917 if youwant to download this workbook click onthe link below the video in this videohere we have a list of names and we needa rotating list so right now I have onehere so the record this order starts atthe first one but if I type a two herestarts at number two goes all the waydown to will and then starts back at thetop if I type a three here starts at thethird one goes all the way down to willlist that and then goes back up at thetop a band bin so no matter what I typehere that list will rotate always givingsomeone a chance to be the first one inthe list so this is great i coach alittle league team and this is thebatting order we want each kid to be theleadoff batter sometime during theseason so each game I just come and typethe next number and boom I have mybatting order alright so how do we dothis first we're going to have to countand we have names right so I'm going touse the count ah count accountsnon-empty cells and is great forcounting words enter enter so there'snine also for our formula we're going tohave to know if we're starting at Danielwe need to know that there are sevenrecords to the end before we have tojump back to the top so I'm going to sayequals the nine minus the three now thatwill give me six why because we'restarting at number three if we do thesubtraction it gives us the remainingone we need that one also so I'm goingto plus one so there's seven records weneed to show before we jump back to thetop now we're going to use the lookupfunction index and index I simplyhighlight this comma and then we need totell it a row number and it will look itup so the trick is how do we get thishow do we get a 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and then a1 and then it- right so and whatever I put here thiswill update right no all right well I'mactually going to do this in two steps Ican it's easy enough to start at threeand copy down and then the tricky partis this last little part so I'm going todo it in two steps all right I'm goingto say equals and start at three rightI'm going to lock that using the f4 keyon the row reference because I'm copyingdown that'll just give me three and thenI want to add to it of incrementer therows function and I multiply type-cdollar sign to Cohen c2 what is rows doit tells you how many rows that arebetween two and two there's one the factthat that's locked and that's not it'san expandable rein so as you copy downit'll increment the number one two threefourbut now check this out three plus one isfour and I want to start at three so Isubtract one control-enter and then copythis down so that works fine up to therebut then it's not working right therewell I'm going to do a separate formulaI'm actually going to do two formulasand then use an if function so no matterwhat whatever I type here I need the...